My Christmas Card to the Island - Rev. Ron Rye

It’s here, it’s come, it’s around again, the joyous Christmas season;

Time for food, parties and gifts - as if we even need the reason...

Now normally, I tend to be a bit of a Christmas Gruff,

By my wife (and my church) skelped me across the ear, and said they’d had enough.

So this year I will do my best to be full of that Christmas cheer,

Whilst secretly being very glad that its only once a year!

But enough about me, it’s on to you, and everything you are doing,

Cause it’s time for the drink, food and presents, in your house, to start acrewing.

Decorations will be hung, trees will be flocked and lights will be a twinkling

And everyone hopes the storms will miss us, but maybe the snow will give us a sprinkling.

And every shop you visit will have that same cd of famous Christmas tunes playing,

And the more you hear them, the more you’ll go mad; cause it’ll take ages to stop yourself humming.

Christmas cakes will start to be built, as bakers put on their aprons,

And you need not worry if they come out hard, cause they last for years as a weapon.

Mum and dad will be rushing about, trying to be like Santa.

Although they don’t have his magic, he makes time slow down, and can do his work at a canter.

So while you try to cope and manage with all of this Christmas joy

I hope you find time to slow down, relax, cause there’s a fact you can enjoy.

Peace and hope, love and mercy are the reason for this cold season,

Cause Jesus came, was born and lived, and that was meant to be the reason.

And I hope you avoid the debt and the pressure that threatens in our land’s recession,

Because Christmas is meant to be the cure, not the cause, of people’s potential depression.

And so, I make this promise to you, for all of you I will pray.

And if that means not a lot, or nothing - I still hope you have a happy Christmas Day.

I should get a job with Hallmark...

* Rev. Ron Rye is the Minister of Ardbeg Baptist Church, King Street, Rothesay. Sunday Services: Morning 11.00am / Evening 5.30pm. Website: Twitter: @pastorrabbiron