Long Lankin author talks to The Buteman

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LINDSEY BARRACLOUGH’S debut novel, Long Lankin, has attracted rave reviews from readers of all ages, along with talk of awards, a TV series and perhaps even a feature film.

But while the landscape of Britain is littered with reality TV show winners, members of manufactured pop groups and instant Lotto millionaires who have struggled to cope with their sudden rise to fame and fortune, it is a pleasure to discover that Lindsey’s feet are planted firmly on the ground.

Perhaps that’s not too much of a surprise, given that her professional career has been spent in the classroom as a music teacher, and that she and her husband Richard have raised five children over the course of the last 27 years. And while Lindsey is certainly enjoying the recognition Long Lankin has brought her, fame was certainly never on her mind when she wrote the book.

“I had no great ambition to see my writing published,” she says when we meet at the family’s home on Bute, where they spend as much time as possible, especially during school holidays. 

“I loved writing – I used to make up my own Famous Five stories when I was young – but I had no idea whether what I was writing was good or bad, and I knew how hard it was to get anything published.

Read our interview with Lindsey in full in the new issue of The Buteman, out now!