Life is for living, so sign up & have fun!


It’s time to put a spring in your step ...

And folk across Bute have been urged to get up, get out and get themselves fitter.

Living It Up, a digital service, is looking for people to sign up and take part in a fun challenge which involves either jogging, walking or cycling ... or all three!

It’s open to individuals as well as offices, businesses, and community groups.

With temperatures rising and lighter nights, it’s time to get active.

Rise and Shine is the community challenge in which you can sign up and log your steps, miles run or distances cycled.

And when they’re all added together, there’s a chance for Bute to take on the other islands and compare how it has fared!

If you are into jogging then there is a league you can join, free of charge, and compete for the title of best male and female.

The aim of the group is to hit 6000 kilometres by September.

A similar league runs for cyclists, with a similar target.

And for those who prefer to simply step out and go for a walk, the challenge is on to see if the group in Bute can cover a total of one million steps.

The good news is Bute is already leading the way, logging a better overall total than last year’s winners, the Isle of Mull.

Jura, Oban and our own island were the main challengers last year.

Registering is easy, and there are more details available from – she is the contact point whether you want to run, jog or cycle.

The aim is to get us out and about, and to get more out of life by getting fitter and, in turn, maybe becoming a a bit happier.

By adding a common goal, organisers hope people will team up and provide supportfor each other.

For more details please visit