Last meeting of Bute Astronomical Society?

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March’s meeting of Bute Astronomical Society was advertised as being the final meeting.

A spokesman had said: “After three successful years the time has come to say goodbye.”

The air of finality seemed to be confirmed by the Club Astronomer, John Dyslag, who, in his introduction, said that there would need to be a hiatus due to personal; reasons.

It soon became apparent that the club, which covers a wide variety of sciences in its meetings, would be a considerable loss, if the quality of lectures on the night represented the norm.

Alan Rew, whose enthusiasm for the subject had been stimulated by doing an Open University course, gave an excellent talk on volcanoes illustrated by splendid diagrams.It included dramatic video footage of the eruption of Mount St. Helens in Washington State, USA in May 1980.

Alan did not close the door on the future of the club when he said: “If and when there is another meeting….”

The quality was maintained by Robert Durrant in his lecture “Skies over Bute, a look at what the night skies over the island may reveal over the next month – cloud cover permitting.

Comet 51P, for example, could become visible to the naked eye. He took the audience through Jupiter and its moons, visible just now, and advised on how to recognise such as Venus and the Pole Star.

The conclusion seemed to be that bringing forward the summer break could see the club reappear in the autumn. It would seem to this reporter that this is well worth pursuing.