Can we recommend: M.R. Carey – The Girl With All The Gifts

Girl With All The Gifts
Girl With All The Gifts

No doubt, this books grabs your attention from the very start.

Kids strapped to gurneys and wheeled around, sinister scientists taking them from classes never to return, and an world outside that is both out of bounds and dangerous.

At its heart, this is about zombies in a post-apocalyptic world, but it it’s also about a young girl with a love for learning trapped in a terrifying world with only a teacher to reach out to – but one who finds the restrictions of the base they share deeply troubling.

Inevitably, they have to break out of their fortress, and this is where ‘The Girl with All The Gifts starts to fizz into different territory as the hunter and the hunted roles start to merge.

It doesn’t entirely work – there are only so many zombies you can incinerate and thrash your way through before you become a bit blase, and the journey to a possible sanctuary seems to take forever.

But, it is different.

And it is well worth a read.