Can we recommend: Frank Gardiner - Crisis

Frank Gardiner - Crisis
Frank Gardiner - Crisis

Frank Gardiner: Crisis

The BBC’s security correspondent has delivered a cracking thriller for his first novel.

Frank Gardiner - Crisis

Frank Gardiner - Crisis

It’s been compared to Fredcerick Forsyth or John Le Carre - that’;s pretty good company for a debutant.

Gardiner’s journalistic ability to get to the heart of the matter is evident from the opening paragraphs.

He starts with the murder of secret agent in Columbia, and has the chief investigator, Luke Cartlon, ex-SBS commando,up and running, complete with a back story, and the Government network in full swing.

And we’re off and running within 25 pages.

The hunt for the agents’ murderers takes Carlton into dangerous territory in Columbia, where everything has a price, but he’s also operating unaware of the bigger picture, which hints at a North Korean element, and links to the US government.

Gardiner writes with the knowledge of an insider, and with a crisp speed which keeps the story rattling along.

Crisis is packed with action and momentum, and is a fantastic debut.