Butefest 2016: Introducing ... The Revillos

The Rezillos in concert at the Liquid Room Edinburgh (Pic: Kenny Smith)
The Rezillos in concert at the Liquid Room Edinburgh (Pic: Kenny Smith)

To old punk rockers they will always be The Rezillos - the most short lived of punk bands which lasted just long enough to squeeze out one album, but what an album it was.

They were colourful, vibrant, and driven as much by the beat music of the 50s, The Cramps and the B52s, as the snarling ethos of punk rock.

And they were Scottish. One of the best to emerge from Edinburgh.

Seeing The Rezillos singing their hit single ‘Top Of The Pops’ ON ‘Top Of The Pops was a wonderful moment.

The band took on names and personnas on stage, and stood out from the rest with their sharp, rousing songs and energy.

We were introduced to Luke Warm and Gail Warning, as well as Eugene Reynolds and his trademark wraparound shades, and, of course, Fay Fife, named, legend has it, after she was asked where she came from and replied ‘fae Fife.’ As all Fifers do ...

The Rezillos

The Rezillos

The Rezillos’ 1978 album ‘Can’t Stand The Rezillos’ was a chart success, and it spawned ‘Top Of The Pops’, their top 20 hit.

It also gave us ‘Can’t Stand My Baby’, while fans will recall with affection the wonderful ‘Flying Saucer Attack’ and the gloriously named ‘Somebody’s Gonna Get Their Head Kicked In Tonight.’

But within four months the band had splintered with Jo Callis moving on eventually to The Human League.

Unable to use the name ‘The Rezillos’ Reynolds and Fife simply launched The Revillos - one letter of a difference, same rollicking style - and set about touring and recording with an ever changing line up until 1996.

In 2001 the band was asked to reform to take part in Edinburgh’s famous Hogmanay party, and it went so well they promptly went back on the road for gigs across Europe, America, South America and Japan where their comic-book personnas and energetic live gigs proved a huge hit with fans.

A new audience also came via the ‘Jackass’ movie as it featured the song ‘Somebody’s Gonna Get Their Head Kicked In Tonight.’

The Fife connection also went full circle as the band supported Nazareth at the latter’s 40th anniversary gig at the Alhambra in Dunfermline a couple of years ago - and they kicked up a storm in front of a capacity crowd at the 2000-seat theatre.

Now they come to Butefest for a gig that will surely attract the interest of everyone who lived through the punk era all those decades ago ...

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