A new look for Rothesay Library

editorial image

ROTHESAY Library opened on Tuesday, April 26, after several weeks of being closed to the public for refurbishment – and what a difference there is to see.

Brand new bookcases, new carpeting, improvements to the children’s section with bright coloured mats and a fun place to escape into a storybook, new seating and a general modernising has taken place.

The office, which used to be located upstairs, has now been moved down to the main floor of the library, allowing staff to work with greater ease between the two.

Despite the very modern changes, staff were keen to retain some of the old key-pieces, which included a glass sign, usually unseen by most who walk past it at the entrance, which recognises when the building was first erected in 1885. This has been moved through to the computer room and lit from behind, creating a beautiful feature.

In addition to this art work of local scenery, which many will find very familiar, adorns the walls by local artist Ruth Slater.

With bright and cheery new surroundings, Rothesay Library is open for business once more, and looks forward to seeing new and regular faces in the aisles.