Health and social care funding gap could hit jobs

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The Argyll and Bute Health and Social Care Partnership is facing a £5-6 million funding gap for 2018/19 which could lead to job losses.

Sandy Wilkie, head of People and Change at Argyll and Bute Health and Social Care Partnership (HSCP), said: “We have discussed at length over the last few weeks what service changes can be made that will minimise the impact on our communities.

“This is a particularly challenging time for our local HSCP. We genuinely value the contribution of all staff who deliver health and social care services within Argyll and Bute. We need to engage them in service changes over the coming months, so that they can help shape how things look going forward.

“In the proposals being taken to the Integration Joint Board (IJB), we have tried to reduce the numbers of staff potentially affected. We are working in partnership with our trade union colleagues to engage with any staff at risk ahead of the IJB meeting on March 28.

“The need to set a balanced HSCP budget creates conflicting priorities between quality, performance and financial balance. Whilst we are committed to protecting our core services, we have identified a small number of service changes where staff may be at risk.

“Whilst there will be some natural turnover, potential implications for these staff will include redeployment, redundancy (Argyll & Bute Council staff only) or TUPE transfer to external service providers.

“Ultimately this is about ensuring we can continue to deliver safe, high-quality, sustainable services for the local population.

“Our own staff are very much part of these communities, so will we support them as best as we can while we deliver the necessary service changes in line with our available funding.”