Argyll and Bute HSCP: “If you can’t make your appointment, cancel it”

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Argyll and Bute Health and Social Care Partnership (HSCP) is urging the public to cancel if they can’t make an appointment.

Kristin Gillies, senior service planning manager for the HSCP, said: “In a small number of cases people don’t attend their appointment and don’t let us know.

“We completely understand that things can crop up at short notice and patients may have other priorities but we would be really grateful if they could cancel it. This gives staff an opportunity to contact other patients waiting to be seen which allows us to make the best use of all available appointment slots.

“Missed appointments cost money and if we can reduce the number then this benefits everyone. For example, 1,986 people had an appointment in December for one of our consultant led outpatient clinics and 1,786 attended.

“This still means that 200 people did not attend, and did not cancel it, each of these missed appointments costs the NHS £176 and this means that precious taxpayer’s resources are being wasted.

“Finally, I would to thank the public in advance for their support for this campaign and I am sure that with their help we can significantly increase the attendance rate at all our clinics which will benefit everyone.”