Teachers’ union seeks backing from local parents

Union members are seeking support for their campaign from parents and carers.
Union members are seeking support for their campaign from parents and carers.

Support from parents and carers is being sought by the local branch of teacher’s union the EIS for its Value Education, Value Teachers campaign.

Argyll and Bute EIS is inviting all supporters of state education to join teachers at the union’s coming national rally in Glasgow on Saturday, October 27.

The march is part of a continuing drive to increase support and solidarity for the union’s current fair pay campaign.

It has said that in recent years, teachers and schools dealt with significant changes to the curriculum and qualifications, all with added bureaucracy and an increase in workload.

Willie Hamilton, Argyll and Bute EIS secretary, said: “Although workload and expectations of teachers has risen significantly, salary levels have fallen in real terms - a cut of 20.2 per cent in the last decade. If you also include rises in National Insurance and Pension contributions this has resulted in a pay cut of over 24 per cent for all of Scotland’s teachers. Teachers are disillusioned and angry.

“We consider that our claim of 10 per cent is a very reasonable claim in light of this decline.

“Scotland’s children and young people need more, not fewer teachers in their schools. If the government values education, then it must value teachers. That is what our campaign is about.

“We believe that our teachers and our pupils are worth more. We hope parents and carers agree and will join us in marching in defence of Scottish education”