Rothesay store has the right tools to pick up award

Bute Tools, Montague Street, have won the prestigious DIY Week "Team of he Year" Award. Photo by Iain Cochrane.
Bute Tools, Montague Street, have won the prestigious DIY Week "Team of he Year" Award. Photo by Iain Cochrane.

The team at three-generation family business Bute Tools on Montague Street has won the prestigious DIY Week Team of he Year award.

Eight judges from across the industry chose the finalists, with the Rothesay store seeing off a garden centre from West Yorkshire to win the prize.

Jennifer Dougal from Bute Tools, said: “I put the team forward for the award as commendation to my gran and papa’s dedication to the trade.

“They started Bute Tools as an ironmonger 41 years ago- from the old dress shop ‘The Thimble’. They later knocked through to the properties next door. They also expanded and have a wood store in Tower Street.

“It is great that they have been acknowledged with this award for their dedication to providing a wide variety of products and services to our community.

“We decided to go to the awards ceremony in London as a family – it was a once in a lifetime experience for us. My grandparents Willie and Diane, my mum Gillian, sister Claire and I attended. It was great to experience it as a family.

“While I focused our entry on the unique experience of being a three generation family run general store, we could not do it without our fabulous team. We have a great bond working together. With the amount of products and services we have its some work.

“I can’t thank them enough for their commitment to the business. “

Jennifer was delighted to win this award for the island.

She said:“It was nerve-wracking waiting for the result and when our name was announced it was so surreal.

“We are all elated, this is a big win for us and great to bring it back to Bute.

“The only other award we won was back in 2013 for a national window display completion, held by one of our suppliers.

“It feels great to be recognised for your hard work. And to be an independent business from a small island it is incredible to acknowledge on this scale. We love living and working here and are so happy to have represented Bute.

“We have had an amazing response from the community in regards to our win and appreciate all the support we have received. We had a family fun day to celebrate last Saturday, it was a great day.

“A big thank you to everyone who popped in and help raise an amazing £100 for The Lade Centre.”

Outwith the family, Bute Tools also has another five staff members.

Jennifer added: “Cath has been with us since we opened, her daughter Joy also works with us. Donald has been with us for around 30 years and Tina and Mary for at least seven years.

“To then win the DIY Week ‘Team of the Year’ award is great recognition for a team that are all enthusiastic about working in this diverse industry.”