VIDEO: Public’s thoughts on future of Rothesay Pavilion

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The first in a series of films capturing the community’s opinions on the creative vision for Rothesay Pavilion has been published.

The films are the result of a community engagement programme carried out by Paul Duffy from Brandanii Archaeology and Heritage between July 2013 and January 2014.

Those taking part in the consultation were presented with an outline creative vision for Bute, prepared by the Creative Community Steering Group formed as part of the proposed regeneration of the Pavilion, though there was no prior warning of the questions which were posed on camera.

Four groups were identified for interview - the general public, businesses, primary school pupils and secondary school pupils - and the questions asked were as follows.

• What does the word creative mean to you?

• Would you agree that Bute is a creative place?

• What three words would you associate with the Pavilion now?

• Do you have any other comments about the Pavilion as it is today?

• Now, thinking about the potential of the Pavilion through the proposed regeneration project...

• What three words would you like to associate with the Pavilion in the future?

• What three things that you would like to see happening in a renovated and refurbished Pavilion?

• Do you have any other comments or questions about the proposed Pavilion regeneration project?

Paul Duffy said: “Results were captured on film and, where people did not wish to be filmed, through written answers.

“Initially it was intended that these would be collated and the bulk of the information presented through a written report. Early in the project, however, value of using film became clear and more emphasis was placed on edited films as a medium for presenting community views.

“Naturally not everybody in the community could be interviewed, though a representative range of views were sought and recorded. In particular, where specific interest groups were identified special effort was made to capture their opinions.”

This video showcases the views of the general public in the first of the four films - the second, featuring the opinions of the island’s primary school pupils, will follow later this week, with the business and secondary school films coming next week.

In addition, all four films have been, or will be, uploaded to YouTube - click here to see the first of the four films on YouTube’s own site.




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