Slideshow: ‘Au Naturel’ at Bute Flower Club

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You might not think Bute Flower Club would be the place to see a battle, but there was a tumultuous one played out on Monday night in the Pavilion - as the guest demonstrator fought between spectacles and headset microphone!

Kate Kerr, who had travelled from Dumfries at the invitation of the island club, commented right from the word go that there would be a falling out as she wrestled to keep both the mic and her glasses in their respective places. We’re pleased to say Kate won the war in the end.

Kate’s task for the evening was to demonstrate several arrangements on the theme of ‘au naturel’, and the range of designs produced by the close of the evening was astounding.

An avid birdwatcher, Kate’s first arrangement was inspired by the arrival of the swifts in her garden, and included bird houses hung from magnolia branches.

Click on the video above for a short slideshow of photos taken on the night, and see this week’s Buteman for the full feature - on sale from Thursday, May 15.




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