VIDEO: Bute plays host to Glasgow archaeology students

Waiting for Video...

Archaeology students from the University of Glasgow visited Bute at the weekend to find out more about some of the island’s scheduled monuments and historic sites.

The group of around 40 second-year students got a guided tour of the Scalpsie area on Saturday morning, courtesy of Paul Duffy from local firm Brandanii Archaeology and Heritage, at the start of a field-trip programme also featuring visits to several other local sites of interest including Dunagoil, St Blane’s Chapel and Bute Museum.

Department head and Bute resident Dr Nyree Finlay said: “The economic realities and landscape management issues around archaeology aren’t something these students have much experience of at present and we’re here to show them partly how successful the Discover Bute Landscape Partnership Scheme has been in that regard and also to demonstrate the importance of heritage in the local economy.

“We’re also hoping to work out how much money the group has spent during the weekend, to have an idea of the economic significance of visits such as these to the island, and we’d like to use this visit as a mechanism to develop more sustained fieldwork on the island.”




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