IN PICTURES: Colintraive in the spotlight at annual village fete

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It takes more than a few drops of rain to put the doughty villagers of Colintraive off their stride - so it was no surprise that despite weather more suited to January than August, the annual Colintraive Fete went ahead as planned on Saturday.

Since the fete is the main means of raising money to pay for the upkeep of Colintraive’s village hall, the determination to press ahead with the event was understandable - and the smiling faces of organisers and visitors alike demonstrated to the full the very British habit of making the best of even the most daunting of circumstances.

Attractions included a visit from Owl Magic, Scotland’s largest owl display team, a scarecrow and fancy dress competition with a First World War theme, raffles, ice cream and burgers, home baking, teas and coffees and a selection of short films of historical interest at the Colintraive Heritage Centre, just yards from the village hall itself.

* More photos from the day in the next issue of The Buteman - on sale from Thursday, August 7, 2014.




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