Rothesay lawyer blasts court closure proposal

Bute solicitor Elaine Campbell is the latest voice to speak out against plans to close Rothesay Sheriff Court in a bid to save the public purse an estimated £6,000.

Members of the public have until December 21 to respond to a Scottish Courts Service consultation on the proposals, which their proponents say will “reflect the planned reforms to the justice system and at the same time be affordable in the long term”.

Miss Campbell, from Wm. Skelton & Co., said: “The sense behind the proposal reminds me of Yes, Minister. It’s high time the government started behaving in a grown-up and mature fashion and looked at the overall cost to the public purse of these proposals.

“Six thousand pounds is peanuts. To try and save that kind of money by closing Rothesay Sheriff Court is absolutely ridiculous.

“The people who have come up with these proposals are just little boys and girls getting Brownie or Scout points. It’s nothing more than ‘I’ll get a big tick in a box from my boss if I can cut my budget’.”

* To read Miss Campbell’s views in full, see the new issue of The Buteman - on sale from Thursday, October 4.