Bute resident issues computer scam warning

COMPUTER users on Bute have been warned to be on their guard after an island resident received a series of phone calls from someone she suspected was trying to gain access to her personal details.

Sarah O’Donnell told The Buteman she had received three separate phone calls from someone claiming to be able to fix a fault with her machine.

“I’ve been plagued by phone calls from people wanting to help me with my computer,” Sarah said.

“The first time the guy told me his company was getting error messages, and I just told him to get lost. The second time I roared down the phone at him.

“Then the third time I tried to string him along for a bit, and I eventually got him to give me a phone number and the name of a company called Hombiz or Homebiz.

“The number he gave was an overseas one, and when I queried it he just muttered something I couldn’t make out. I’m sure it was going to be a scam.”

Sarah then hung up the phone before alerting The Buteman in the hope that alerting others might make sure no-one else on Bute is caught out.

“On one occasion the guy actually told me he was phoning from Windows, and asked if I had noticed anything wrong with my computer.

“He said there are threats to my computer I may not be aware of, and that if I could supply something called a CIS key he would look on my machine for me.

“Thankfully I was quick enough to notice it was almost certainly a scam, but some people aren’t as clued up, and maybe aren’t as willing to tell them to get lost.”